OCT 2018

Greece's Aviation Action Plan on emissions reduction

Greece, like all EU and ECAC’s States, (European Civil Aviation Conference) is fully committed to and involved in the fight against climate change, and works towards a resource-efficient, competitive and sustainable multimodal transport system.
In that context, it is the intention that all ECAC States submit to ICAO an Action Plan, which provides an overview of the actions undertaken by Greece in order to mitigate climate change and to develop a resource efficient, competitive and sustainable aviation system.
The Greek Government and Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority are committed to addressing the climate change impacts of commercial aviation and achieving greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions through an integrated strategy of technology, operations and policy framework.
Greece has already achieved significant reductions in GHG emissions and energy efficiency improvements in the aviation sector over the past years through public and private efforts, and it is on a trajectory to continue that progress in coming years.
Click here to read the Aviation & Climate Change Action Plan of Greece.